After being active and fit for most of my life, at age 43 I found myself debilitated and immobile, laying on the floor with my back thrown out. A big part of my problem was the 50 lbs of fat that I had gained over the previous decade or so.  How had I gone from effortlessly fit to hopelessly fat and out of shape with a bad back? And how did I throw out my back? Sitting on the floor stretching.

Through education, reading, and hard work, I figured out that diet was a prerequisite to restoring my health and fitness.  I also learned that the way I was fueling my exercise was actually making me fat.  I was doing what I had learned as a competitive runner; eating lots of “race fuel” like pasta, energy gels, and sports drinks.  I thought I was eating healthy.  I had given up sodas and fast food decades before, and I bought organic produce. But that wasn’t enough.

I was convinced that the story was “calories in, calories out”, so I started tracking my food and making sure that the food I was eating after my daily runs was not too high in calories.  I quickly learned that running 35 miles didn’t burn as many calories as were contained in the entire large pizza and large bowl of ice cream I was eating afterwards.  So I quickly modified my eating and started counting calories.  I was hungry all the time, but I did lose weight.   …until I binged and gained some back.

I continued this yo-yo approach for a few years, and struggled constantly fighting my weight.  I’d go in spurts, tightening up on the diet and starving myself to hit a goal weight before a big race, then celebrate after the race and “reward” myself with some indulgent food that I never ate during training, but craved all the time.  Then I’d loosen the discipline on my restrictive (and unsustainable) diet and start over again. Before I knew it, I was heavier than I wanted and had to clamp down once again if I wanted to stay active.

Then there was my training.  I was running really hard trying to burn off all those calories.  Like so many people, I thought that I could eat as much as I wanted if I just trained harder.  I also wanted to return to my previous levels of fitness, so I was training hard for that reason too.  I had gone from finishing in the top 10-15% to the back of the pack in just a few years.  And all the hard training witout proper healing was adding up and making me consantly sore and tight, with chronic injuries too.  I was in bad shape and needed 2-3 massages per week just to keep training.  I chalked it all up to “getting older” in my late 30’s.

Then I discovered Primal Endurance, which quite literally changed my life.  I did lots of other work too, like working with an amazing  doctor  and  trainer to fix my back.  But without Primal Endurance,  I would not have changed my training and eating, which has made all the difference.

I now run pain free.  I am faster than I was a few years ago, and all my nagging injuries and pains have gone away.  All these improvements are due to diet and lifestyle changes.  I would have never thought it was possible unless it happened to me.  I run more, run longer, and I am never hungry and no longer a slave to my insatiable appetite.  I no longer crave the pizzas!

My transformation has been both eye-opening and gratifying.  Now I want to share what I have learned and help others regain their health and return to a life of effortless health and vitality.

You can't outrun a bad diet.

Left: Age 37.  Ran 10 marathons that year.
Right: Age 47. Only ran a few 10k’s, plus strength
training twice a week.
Its all about the DIET.