See what recent graduates of the Primal Reboot Course are saying:

I improved my Type 2 Diabetes and lost 40 lbs using the principles in the Primal Reboot Camp class. At my last doctor’s visit, my A1C was 5.4. I am saving $800 per month because I no longer need diabetes meds. I enjoy amazing food and don’t feel deprived. In addition to the results I can see, I feel younger.
— Gary B.

My wife and I are very active and want to remain so as we age. The content in Primal Reboot Camp is critical to maintaining our health and vitality, and we want to repeat the class once a year as a refresher and to keep up with new information.
— Damion G

I have surpassed the halfway mark for weight loss, and I have had a normal menstrual cycle for the first time in two and a half years. I think this is a good sign that my hormones are re-balancing! The education and support have been invaluable! This is exactly what I needed.
— Brianna W